The Norfolk Climate Change Partnership (NCCP) was established on the 6th January 2020.

Our Aims:

  • The ambition of this partnership is to effectively tackle climate change, ensuring prosperity for the future generations of Norfolk by building healthy, resilient, sustainable communities and environments.
  • We do this through sharing knowledge and practices regarding how public bodies can respond to and influence climate change in Norfolk as a whole.
  • We support and deliver projects that support Norfolk’s public bodies, communities, public, voluntary and community organisations, businesses and residents to reduce their carbon emissions, realise economic benefits, and adapt to and mitigate against the immediate and future impacts of climate change.

Our Three Strategic Priorities

  • Develop a sustainable energy plan to decarbonise energy supply for Norfolk and improve distribution of energy to citizens.
  • Reduce and conserve energy demand on the system through retrofitting of buildings through behaviour change, enabling fabric first and heating.
  • Enable greener sustainable transport solutions including a focus on behaviour change and using statutory powers where appropriate.

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